Stephen Curry

The baby faced assassin. His career began full of doubts and questions regarding his ankles. The 7th pick in the 2009 draft showed a lot of promise his rookie season. Sadly, his second and third seasons were filled with injuries. It seemed as though his right ankle would consistently be a problem for him. Even through the injury riddled seasons whenever Steph stepped on the court he impressed. So much so that the Warriors front office chose to have their future in the hands of Curry over fan favorite Monta Ellis. Ellis was traded in order to get center Andrew Bogut and Curry was given a four year, $44 million deal. At the time it was a very risky move but since then the Warriors have been reaping the rewards. That four year, $44 million deal became the best bargain in all of sports. In that time Stephen Curry has become the face of the Warriors franchise. He has gone on to win the NBA’s most valuable player award (MVP) twice. Has broken his own three point record for a season three seasons in a row. Furthermore, in this season he set the record for most three pointers in a game with 13. Has countless highlights such as this one  and is capable of knocking down impossible shots. Most importantly he has brought hope to a franchise that had none and made the Warriors champions for the first time in 40 years. He has silenced the doubters and all that is left is to watch him break Ray Allen’s record for most career three pointers and continue on the path to the hall of fame.