Oklahoma City Thunder


The Warriors have handedly swept the four game regular season series against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The real story when these two teams met this season had nothing to do with the actual game itself. Every meeting was all about Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant’s relationship with one another. Westbrook and Durant were teammates for eight seasons and had nothing but the upmost respect and love for each other. During Durant’s MVP speech he took the time to give Westbrook a very heartfelt shoutout that included a very emotional Durant saying “I love you man.” Since Durant left Oklahoma for Golden State the bromance between the former teammates has been completely lost. So much so that in Durant’s first game back in Oklahoma City as a Warrior, he and Westbrook got into a heated argument at half court.

Durant’s return to Oklahoma City has been filled with animosity and hostility from the home crowd. The fans “booed” Durant every time he had the ball and cupcake related merchandise was seen throughout the arena. As the game progressed the Warriors were able to silence the crowd for extended periods of time because they built up a large lead over the Thunder. Right before halftime Westbrook and Durant had a heated exchange of words that showed that their relationship has completely crumbled. There was one play this season that for a brief moment made the Durant and Westbrook relationship feel like it always had. In a rather meaningless All Star game Durant raced down the court threw up a lob and Westbrook rose up to complete the alley oop. This was a short lived moment because any other time the former teammates faced each other the atmosphere felt hostile. This storyline will be something that all NBA basketball fans can look forward to for years to come.