Klay Thompson


Known as the other splash brother and owner of the most beautiful jump shot in the game. Klay is often overshadowed by the consistent brilliance of Stephen Curry and this years new member of the team, Kevin Durant. Klay Thompson does not often make headlines because his game is relatively predictable. It is expected that Klay will play his usual great defense while knocking down a few threes on offense. He also is not the most exciting player to cover off the court. Klay never gets himself into trouble and spends most of his time with his bulldog Rocco. Klay however has an ability to get into an other worldly zone that allows him to put on some historic displays.

When Klay gets hot he is virtually impossible to stop and does things that other players could only dream of. For example, Klay owns the record for most points in a quarter with 37.  He was a perfect 13/13 from the field in that third quarter against the Sacramento Kings. Another example of Klay’s incredible hot streaks was his 60 point performance against the Pacers. A 60 point performance is impressive enough but Klay managed to do it in only 29 minutes of action! Klay’s most important historic night, however, came in the playoffs when he set the record for most three pointers in a playoff game with 11. Those 11 threes helped the Warriors force a game 7 in the conference finals where they went on to win to move on to the finals. It is easy to overlook Klay at times because of all the attention Steph Curry and Kevin Durant receive but just know Klay will make you pay for it.