Memphis Grizzlies

The Warriors have had a successful season up to this point with an overall record of 47-9. Despite a few uninspired performances they have mostly tore apart any opponent. I say mostly because the Memphis Grizzlies have been the exception to this rule. In three match ups the Grizzlies have come out on top two out of the three games played so far. Their ability to slow down the tempo of the game effectively gets the Warriors out of rhythm on offense. Furthermore, their tenacious defense forces the Warriors to commit turnovers than usual. Lastly, their ability to play more physical allows the Grizzlies to get more rebounds and more trips to the free throw line.In their first match up in December the Grizzlies handily took down the Warriors in a blow out win. The Warriors committed over 20 turnovers in the loss. In their second match up in January the tables were turned and it was the Warriors taking full control of the game. Up until halfway through the third quarter the Warriors had a 20 point lead. Then suddenly the Grizzlies mounted a huge comeback to force overtime and eventually win the game, thus stealing their second victory against the Warriors. Third time was the charm for the Warriors against these Grizzlies as they were finally able to get a decisive win in this series. It took a historic performance from Draymond Green to come out on top but hopefully it gives the Warriors the confidence to even the series when they meet for a fourth and final time.