Time to part ways with Iguodala


Andre Iguodala has been nothing short of a class act and wonderful acquisition for the Warriors. Iguodala, also known as Iggy, was a member of the Denver Nuggets and was taken out of the playoffs by the Warriors in 2013. That same year Iggy’s contract had expired and he chose to sign a 4 year contract with the Warriors. Now Iggy is in his fourth and final year of his contract and it looks like next season he will be wearing a different uniform. This is not to say that the Warriors would not like Iguodala to stay but it seems as though they will be unable to afford it.     The Warriors top priority this off season is to resign Stephen Curry. Currently, Curry and Iguodala both make $11-12 million a year. Curry will no doubt be getting a contract extension and receive at least $20 million a year. This would leave Iguodala out of the Warriors price range due to the salary cap. Unless Iguodala is willing to take a significant pay cut, which he has no reason to do so, the Warriors will have to say goodbye. Moving on from Iguodala will not be easy because he helped the Warriors reach new heights. He was named the 2015 Finals MVP for his defense against Lebron James and willingly gave up his role as a starting player upon Coach Kerr’s request. The Warriors will hope that he stays but regardless Iguodala will always be a Warrior.


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