Leaving Oracle


The Golden State Warriors playing days in Oracle Arena are coming to an end. The Warriors stomping grounds is notorious for its vibrant atmosphere. It is this vibrant atmosphere that earned Oracle its nickname the “Roaracle”. Roaracle is one of the premier home court advantages in the NBA and currently has a streak of over 200 consecutive soldout games. It is sad to know that the Warriors will not be playing in Oracle Arena much longer. It is expected that the Warriors will make their move to San Francisco for the start of the 2019/2020 season.It almost seems unfair that now that the Warriors are enjoying a great deal of success they will be moving on from Oakland. Oracle has put up with many atrocious and incompetent teams throughout the years. With the exception of the ’90s and a few years in the ’70s the Warriors were primarily a bottom feeder in the NBA. Oracle recently suffered a 13 year playoff drought that was snapped in 2007. This drought was then followed by another 6 year drought that was snapped in 2013. Since then the Warriors have now made the playoffs 3 years in a row and recently clinched their trip for a 4th straight year. Through the ups and the seemingly endless downs Oracle remained faithful and displayed an undying support for the Warriors. Dub Nation will not let Oracle Arena’s memory fade and will bring that electric atmosphere to the new home court in San Francisco.


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