Clinched the Playoffs

A decade ago the Golden State Warriors being able to clinch the playoffs was unheard of. Then being able to do it consecutively was completely out of the question. Times have changed and the Warriors have now clinched a spot in the playoffs four seasons in a row. For a team and fan base used to mediocrity it feels like the Warriors are going through a golden age. To top it all off this season the Warriors made history by clinching a playoff spot faster than anyone ever has before. No team up until now can say that they clinched a playoff spot in the month of February.This is great and all but the Warriors have now become accustomed to a certain standard of excellence where clinching a playoff spot is expected. Furthermore, due to the fact that the Warriors have made consecutive trips to the NBA Finals failure to bring the Larry O’Brien trophy back to Oakland will feel like a wasted season. That is getting a little ahead of ourselves but for now the Warriors and their fans are content in the fact in knowing that they are once again in contention for the trophy. The Warriors’ sole focus now is to try and clinch the top playoff seed in the Western Conference to gain home court advantage throughout the playoffs. Oracle is one of the best home court advantages in the league so the Warriors will be looking to make the most of it.