Next Gen Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are currently going through one of the best eras in the history of the franchise. Furthermore, it looks like this run of success will last a few more years. This is due to the fact that the Warriors superstars are all under the age of 30. Draymond Green and Klay Thompson will both be 27 by the end of the year. Meanwhile, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant will both be 29. They are all at the heights of their career and have many years, in theory, before their play starts to decline. While it seems the Warriors have nothing to worry about for the next few years, it is never to soon to start planning for the future. 

In the world of sports drastic changes occur from year to year and even within a season. All it takes is one trade or one career ending injury to completely derail a successful team. The Warriors, along with every other team in the NBA, are well aware of that. The Warriors have prepared for this and have added and drafted players accordingly. Currently, the Warriors have three young players that they hope can develop into everyday starters in the future. Kevon Looney, Patrick McCaw and Damien Jones are the three Warriors youngsters that have the highest potential. Patrick McCaw by far is the most developed out of the three and currently gets the most playing time. The Warriors will be hoping he develops into a player similar to Andre Iguodala. Looney and Jones’s development has mostly been hindered by injuries but they do flash potential of becoming productive big men in the league. For now the Warriors are a well established team but their future may be decided by the development of McCaw, Jones and Looney.