Durant’s Injury


The Golden State Warriors had a very fortunate two year span where their superstars were able to avoid any significant injuries. Their luck seems to have finally run out. In the first quarter of their matchup with the Washington Wizards, Kevin Durant exits the game and is unable to return. In the play we see that his left leg was hyperextended the moment that Zaza Pachulia tumbles and makes contact with his leg. Durant exited the game and was soon pronounced unfit to return. Then shortly after the game it was announced that Kevin Durant has a grade 2 MCL sprain on his left knee that would keep him on the sidelines for at least a month. 

Since the Durant injury the Warriors have lost two games in a row. The Warriors had not lost two games in a row in the regular season since the latter part of the 2014/15 season. Kevin Durant’s impact as a player is tremendous. He is the kind of player that defenders have nightmares about and coaches can only hope to slow him down. The best outcome the Warriors could hope for is that Durant becomes healthy in the last few games of the season. That way he could play limited minutes in each of those games to get ready for playoffs. Another problem that the Durant injury causes is that it could lead to the Warriors losing their #1 seed in the playoffs to the San Antonio Spurs. The Warriors were shoe-ins for the top seed but now it will be an interesting race to keep an eye out for.


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