Kevin Durant

The Warriors were the biggest winners of this past free agency. The entire league was shaking with fear when the Warriors made this deal official. On the fourth of July the Warriors acquired the services of the one and only Kevin Durant. This meant that the Warriors now had the past three most valuable players on the same roster. The Dubs were already intimidating enough but this deal set them up to be considered one of the greatest teams ever assembled. Durant was inked to a two year deal that will see him earn $54 million in that time. It is easy to say that he has been worth every penny.

Durant is a four time scoring champion and one time MVP. He has a jump shot and ball handling skills that a 7-foot man should not be allowed to have. He is one of those players that is virtually impossible to defend and teams can only hope to slow down. He has reached new levels of efficiency since joining the Warriors because of the All-Star roster that complements him. His time in Oklahoma City was a two man show alongside Russell Westbrook that forced him to do most of the work in order for OKC to be successful. Durant was having a tremendous season with the Warriors before his grade 2 MCL sprain. His impact is felt now more than ever because since being off the court the Warriors have lost most of those games. The Warriors and their faithful fans are all hoping that he will be fully healthy once playoffs come around.