Remembering the WE BELIEVE Warriors

Among Warriors fans the 2006/2007 Warriors team is the stuff that legends were made of. At the time the Warriors were in the midst of a 13 year playoff dry spell. It looked as though that season would be no different for the Warriors. The Warriors entered March with a meager 27-35 record. They then pulled off one of the most improbable runs closing out the season strong and ending with a 42-40 record. That record was good enough to earn the Warriors their first playoff trip since 1994. During that improbable run to close out the season the Warriors adopted the slogan “We Believe” and everyone bought into it. Shirts and Banners with the slogan where seen everywhere in Oracle Arena and the always energetic atmosphere of Oracle reached new heights to support this team of destiny.

The Golden State warriors entered the playoff series and faced off against the number one seed Dallas Mavericks. Up until that point no eighth seed had ever made it passed the first round. The Warriors changed that when they overcame the odds and were able to take down the Dallas Mavericks in 6 games. They then faced the Utah Jazz and were defeated in five games. Even though the Warriors only made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs this brought much needed excitement to a fan base deprived  of any kind of success for far too long. Even though it took the Warriors five years to make the playoffs again the We Believe Warriors provided hope to a team and fan base that was in much need of it.