Joe Lacob

On July 10th, 2010 Joe Lacob became the Golden State Warriors majority owner. He is part of a new wave of owners that have little to no background in basketball but know how to manage a business very well. When he first became the owner of the Warriors he promised a slow and arduous process but he did say that the Warriors would be a contending team within five years. He fulfilled that promise in 2015 when the Warriors brought home the trophy for the first time in 40 years.Lacob  has shaped the Warriors front office into a world class group that players enjoy playing for. He makes the decisions that need to be made even when it is not the most popular decision like the Bogut trade in 2012 that involved sending fan favorite Monta Ellis to the Bucks. Warriors fans can rest assured that as long as Lacob is in charge that Golden State will be a great destination for top free agents and that he will stick up for his players.