Free Agency

The Warriors are currently still fighting for their third straight trip to the finals but it is never too early to look ahead. At the top of their free agency list is re-signing Stephen Curry who has an expiring contract this summer but all signs point to Curry staying  in Oakland. Next is making sure Durant does not opt out after this year but that looks promising as well. Then the Warriors will want to re-sign Iguodala who according to some reports is willing to re sign at a discounted rate. Depending on how much salary cap space the Warriors have left which wont be much they could look to bring in outside help. 

The Warriors will look to also re-sign Shaun Livingston, McGee, Pachulia, and West. In the event that does not happen the Warriors could add ring chasing veterans such as Kyle Korver. The Warriors should also go after guys such as Tyson Chandler and Taj Gibson that could provide the front court depth that is the Warriors only glaring weakness. Based off recent years the front office will continue to make savvy moves that will only look to make the Warriors a better team if that is even possible.