Utah Jazz


The Warriors second obstacle on their quest to a third straight trip to the finals was the Utah Jazz. The Jazz were able to best the Clippers in seven games. They posed a greater threat than the Portland Trailblazers because of their impressive length. Defensive player of the year candidate Rudy Gobert and Forward Derrick Favors had the qualities to expose the Warriors lack of size at times. Furthermore, Gordon Hayward, Joe Ingles and Rodney Hood provided spacing because of their three point shooting abilities.At times their size did cause some problems for the Warriors but they were able to make the adjustments necessary to sweep the series rather comfortably. With the exception of game 3 where the Utah Jazz held a lead in the 3rd quarter and in game 4 where the Warriors lowered the intensity and allowed the Jazz to almost comeback from a blowout,  the Warriors were dominant. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant had incredible series and will get some well deserved rest as they wait for the winner of the Spurs and Rockets series.