About the Author

My name is Carlos Jimenez and this is my Golden State Warriors blog for my journalism 61 class. I have been a Warriors fan since I was eight years old. My love for the Warriors grew more when they made the playoffs and knocked out the Dallas Mavericks back in 2007. The excitement that surrounded the team was incredible and made me get into basketball more than ever before. Having a blog about the Warriors just felt right because of the amount of time I spend watching the Warriors and reading about them. I hope that my blog brings more insight into the Warriors for people that do not follow them as much as I do.

Growing up in the Bay Area, regardless if the Warriors had a good team or not they always had the support of the fans. They are deeply embedded into the Bay Area culture. This is because the Warriors embraced the Bay Area by accepting and supporting the hyphy movement, giving credit to fans, and being a team that primarily builds through the draft. Does not matter where life takes me I will always rep Dub Nation and be proud to call myself a Warriors fan.