San Antonio Spurs

Every Warriors fan was rooting for the Houston Rockets in their series against the San Antonio Spurs because they were a more favorable match up. The Spurs somehow managed to prevail in six games and they won the closeout game without point guard Tony Parker and their superstar Kawhi Leonard. Historically the Spurs have dominated … More San Antonio Spurs

Utah Jazz

The Warriors second obstacle on their quest to a third straight trip to the finals was the Utah Jazz. The Jazz were able to best the Clippers in seven games. They posed a greater threat than the Portland Trailblazers because of their impressive length. Defensive player of the year candidate Rudy Gobert and Forward Derrick … More Utah Jazz

Durant’s Injury

The Golden State Warriors had a very fortunate two year span where their superstars were able to avoid any significant injuries. Their luck seems to have finally run out. In the first quarter of their matchup with the Washington Wizards, Kevin Durant exits the game and is unable to return. In the play we see … More Durant’s Injury

Clinched the Playoffs

A decade ago the Golden State Warriors being able to clinch the playoffs was unheard of. Then being able to do it consecutively was completely out of the question. Times have changed and the Warriors have now clinched a spot in the playoffs four seasons in a row. For a team and fan base used … More Clinched the Playoffs

Memphis Grizzlies

The Warriors have had a successful season up to this point with an overall record of 47-9. Despite a few uninspired performances they have mostly tore apart any opponent. I say mostly because the Memphis Grizzlies have been the exception to this rule. In three match ups the Grizzlies have come out on top two … More Memphis Grizzlies

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Warriors have handedly swept the four game regular season series against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The real story when these two teams met this season had nothing to do with the actual game itself. Every meeting was all about Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant’s relationship with one another. Westbrook and Durant were teammates for … More Oklahoma City Thunder