Draymond Green

The heart and soul of the team. The 2nd round pick out of Michigan State has played at a level that well surpasses the position in which he was drafted. Draymond Green started his first two seasons in the NBA coming off the bench. It was not until the 2014/15 season that he was made … More Draymond Green

Kevin Durant

The Warriors were the biggest winners of this past free agency. The entire league was shaking with fear when the Warriors made this deal official. On the fourth of July the Warriors acquired the services of the one and only Kevin Durant. This meant that the Warriors now had the past three most valuable players … More Kevin Durant

Klay Thompson

Known as the other splash brother and owner of the most beautiful jump shot in the game. Klay is often overshadowed by the consistent brilliance of Stephen Curry and this years new member of the team, Kevin Durant. Klay Thompson does not often make headlines because his game is relatively predictable. It is expected that … More Klay Thompson

Stephen Curry

  The baby faced assassin. Curry’s career began full of doubts and questions regarding his ankles. The 7th pick in the 2009 draft showed tremendous potential in his rookie season. Unfortunately, his second and third seasons were filled with injuries. It seemed as though his right ankle would consistently be a problem for him. But … More Stephen Curry