Triple-Double: Occurs when a player has double digit numbers in three different statistical categories. These categories include points, rebounds, assist, blocks, and steals.

MVP: stands for most most valuable player that in each NBA season is selected based on their performance in throughout the regular season.

Playoff Seed: There are eight playoff spots available in both the Western and Eastern Conference and the seed refers to which position, 1-8, a specific team is. For example a first seed team means that they had the best record in their respective conference.

Conference: The NBA is split up into two leagues the Western and Eastern Conference. Each conference is composed of 15 teams.

Beyond the Arc: Anything behind the three point line is beyond the arc.

Free Agency: Every summer some players have a contract that expires and become available for any team to sign.

Field goal percentage: The number of shots made over the number of shots attempted will show how efficient or inefficient a team or player was in a certain game or season.

Assist: When someone makes a pass that directly leads to someone scoring a basket.

Draft: Every year players from college declare for the draft which is a selection process in which every NBA team selects a player that has come out of college to be a part of their team.

Dub Nation: Warriors fans as a whole

All-Star: Every year fans, and coaches vote on who they think the best players in the NBA are

Quarter: Every NBA game is divided into 4 quarters of 12 minutes that make up the whole 48 minute game.

NBA: Stands for the National Basketball Association and is the highest level of competition for professional basketball

Larry O’Brien Trophy: Awarded to the team that becomes the champion at the end of the season.

Trade: Teams can swap players for draft picks, other players or just to free up salary cap space

Salary Cap: Every NBA team can only have up to 95 million on their payroll but they also have the option of paying a luxury tax if they surpass that figure in order to have a more competitive roster.